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Can Massage Therapy Benefit Me ?

Massage Therapy provides relief to people from all walks of life; the weekend warrior, competitive athlete ,the home gardener , the over stressed executive, secretaries, laborers, waitresses- anyone can feel a need for massage at any time.

Key West Massage Therapy could play an important role in your life: It can help release muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress, and promote  faster healing of stressed or injured muscular tissue. Key West Massage Therapy is also known to promote better sleep , improve concentration and create an overall sense of well being.

Where Will My “Key West Massage” Therapy Session Take Place ?

Your Key West Massage therapy session will take place at our comfortable, quiet, air -conditioned studio, upstairs inside the Bodyzone South. You will lay on a table especially designed for your comfort. We play soothing music to help you to relax. If you decide to have your massage therapy session at your house or hotel, we will bring the massage table, sheets and music with us.

Who Will Perform The Massage Therapy Session?

At Key West Massage the therapists have received extensive training to become licensed practitioners. We have many years experience working with clients.  Although no two massages are exactly alike you may request a certain technique or modality. Our therapists are trained in different modalities and will design their massage to tailor to your needs. You may also request with whom you would like your massage therapy session. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible!

How Can I Prepare For My Massage Therapy Session?

If you like to eat something before your session we recommend something light. Otherwise just leave enough time between your meal and your massage appointment for digestion. You might like to use the restroom before your session in order to be able to relax. Using the pool or Jacuzzi before is helpful in preparing your muscles for the massage.

What Should I Wear?

You will be properly draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. Only the area being worked on will be exposed . Most massage techniques are traditionally performed with the client unclothed; however you decide what amount of clothing you prefer to wear for your own comfort. The most important thing is that you will be able to relax. We will leave the room while you undress, relax onto the table and cover yourself with a clean sheet.

Will oils or lotions be used?

We use a light lotion from Bioton which will permit your muscles to be worked on without causing excessive friction.  BIOTON consists of a luxurious blend of different oils such as apricot kernel ,sesame seed oil, etc. Please mention if you have any  allergies to any specific oil ingredient. This lotion will hydrate your skin and be readily absorbed. You may choose between the original unscented BIOTON massage lotion and one which we have blended with pure essential oils of orange and lavender especially designed for relaxation. If you want your massage session performed with out the use of a massage lotion, please let us know.

What Parts Of My Body Will Be Massaged?

First we will discuss the desired outcome of your session. This will determine which parts of your body require massage. A typical full body massage will include work on your back, arms , legs, feet, hands, head, neck and shoulders. You will not be touched on or near your genitals (male or female) or breasts (female).